FourFour Two: Obesity chart – alphabet chart

FourFour two – The – obesity chart – The Australian article Australian obesity expert Dr Robert Hickey says the “biggest problem” facing Australians is the lack of a health system to tackle obesity.

Dr Hickey said he has seen “a lot of people are not seeing the health benefits” of exercise, and the key to solving the obesity problem was the “right type of exercise” for people.

“If you can’t do exercise you’ll be doing it at a high intensity, you’ll get a lot of the benefits of exercise like weight loss, and if you can, that will be good,” he said.

“I don’t know if you have to be a gym junkie to be fit, but you can be fit.”

Dr Hirsch is not the only one who has pointed out the “need” for exercise to tackle the obesity crisis.

In his new book, The Obesity Cure, Dr Hickey also argues there is “a lack of urgency” to tackle Australian obesity, and says the world has “a long way to go”.

“What we need is a huge commitment to improving our lifestyle,” Dr Hirsch said.

Dr James Cook University’s obesity expert Professor Ian McEwen said the Australian government had a “clear responsibility” to address the problem, and said he believed Australia should follow New Zealand and Singapore’s lead.

“We have a long way of work ahead of us to improve the health outcomes of our citizens,” Professor McEwyn said.

He said Australia’s obesity rate was currently “close to a fifth” of the world average, and a number of health experts had expressed concern that it could go up further.

“That’s why I think we need a massive commitment from the government to get more people engaged in exercise, but also a huge push to promote healthy living,” Professor Mecwen said.

Professor McEwan said the key was not to be too busy exercising, but to be “flexible and flexible with the time you have”.

“The key is to not do anything too strenuous, you need to have a balanced life that works for you, and that’s the key,” he added.


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