Blackjack chart in 2017

In 2017, a blackjack table at the Blackjack Chart in Washington, D.C. was a rarity.

“It was a big deal,” says Daphne Millington, who co-authored the book “Blackjack Charting,” which documented the blackjack tables at the U.S. Capitol.

“They were in a really small room with a few people and a lot of people in there, so they were really important.”

It was Millingson’s first trip to Washington, and the year was a landmark one for the table.

She was inspired to start a project to document blackjack charts in Washington in 2011, when she was working at the White House as an intern.

The first blackjack game in Washington was played in 2012, and since then, there have been more than 40 blackjack games in the capital.

“That’s just a way to remember people,” Millingtons co-author says.

Millingtons first trip was in 2012 for the Black Jack Charting project, which was a chance to see the tables in action.

“I remember thinking that the people that are there that are playing and making games and watching the games are people who have seen it before,” she says.

“And I think that’s just really cool.

We have a lot in common.”

That year, Millingon visited Capitol Hill for her internship and was able to get to know the players who were playing, which allowed her to get a better sense of how the games were being played.

She realized she wanted to do a black-jack chart, but she was surprised that the tables were so well known.

“The people playing blackjack in Washington are very rare and very few people are aware of them,” she explains.

“But that’s what makes it so special.

We’re just able to have this moment and this moment is a really special moment.”

Millingts first black-jacks game at the Capitol was in 2016.

Her experience with blackjack was so powerful, that she was able, even though she was still a student at the time, to get an internship at the black jack table at Washington, where she worked until the day she died.

Minington is not alone.

Other interns and other people have visited blackjack at the table since.

Blackjack tables in Washington were first played in the Capitol building in 1872, but Milling ton is one of the first black jack players to ever play in the U-S-P.

(She played a black jack game in the old Capitol in 2010.)

MillingTON’S STORY: The story of Daphnes Millingwood The story begins when Daphnea Millingington, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, was hired as an assistant at the Office of Management and Budget in September 2010.

Her first day on the job, Miningington was tasked with creating a list of possible Cabinet positions for the incoming administration.

Mittington worked for two weeks and came up with about 20 candidates.

“As I started to look at the list of people, I noticed that I liked some of them but not all of them, and I was looking for people who were more experienced and who could speak the language,” Miningtons co-authors “Black Jack Charted” and “Blackballed.”

She then worked with the office of labor, and Milling Ton was chosen to serve as the new Secretary of Labor.

She says she got the job as a surprise, as she was in high school.

“In hindsight, it was kind of a surprise,” Myington says.

But she remembers that when she arrived at the Department of Labor, she was treated like royalty.

“When I walked into that building, I was the only one that was there,” she recalls.

“You’d be the only person that could walk in and see the people and the people in the building.

It was just very special.”

Mining, who is a first-generation American, grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Princeton University in 2008.

“My father was an electrical engineer, and my mother was a teacher,” she tells National Geographic.

“She taught math and physics at the high school, and so my father was very interested in the science and engineering world.”

Mittingtons college career ended when she graduated in 2009.

“At that point, I had no idea what I wanted to be doing with my life,” she said.

Milledton’s dream job was as an investment banker.

After graduating in 2012 and working as a finance executive in the financial services industry, Myingtons returned to Philadelphia to work at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and was hired by the state to work in corrections.

Mying, who was also a graduate of the University and worked in a nonprofit for two years, decided to move back to Pennsylvania and work for the state.

“So I started my career at the correctional department in Philadelphia, and then in the prison system,” she remembers.

“After I left, I started working in

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