Cardinals depth charts | Hiragna chart Men,Snellen Chart

The Cardinals have had one of the most interesting and productive depth charts in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean they’re without problems.

Here’s a look at some of the problems with this year’s depth chart:1.

They have one of their most talented young defensive backs in J.J. Nelson and he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.

The Cards were very much aware of the depth issues Nelson had and they knew that if they were to add a player like him, they’d have to sacrifice some of their top prospects to get it done.

They’re in the process of trading for another defensive back, but there aren’t any names that come to mind that come close to Nelson.

So it’s not a great idea to give up that much for a young guy who hasn’t even been on the field for six games.2.

They haven’t gotten much help up front.

This is something I’m not going to dwell on because I think it’s important to understand that they didn’t win a Super Bowl.

In fact, they’re not even close to having one of these two best teams in football.

The Cards are 6-8 with a 9-6 record since Week 1 and they’ve lost three of their past four games.

They’ve been a mess on defense and they’ll have to get a lot better.3.

They were a bit overrated.

There’s a lot of bad blood between the two coaches, but they did manage to build a Super Series dynasty with one of my favorite teams in the NFL in the last decade.

And they’ll be better with a healthy Nelson and one of our best pass rushers in Anthony Barr.

I don’t think that means they’re overrated, but I do think they’re probably underrated.4.

They aren’t the team to beat.

They don’t have any of the offensive firepower the Cardinals have (they’ve only scored 13 points per game in the first two games of the season) and they haven’t been able to do much against the run.

They’ll have a lot more work to do on offense this season, but if they’re smart, they can still be a threat to win with a good defense.5.

They are underachieving.

You can argue that they’re a top-15 team at this point in the season.

But they haven, in fact, been a top 10 team in the past three years and the Cardinals don’t seem to be moving much in the direction of being that good.

They lost five straight to the Giants and the Patriots and lost to the Eagles before that.6.

They could use a QB.

I’ll be honest: I’m a big fan of Carson Palmer.

I’m just not convinced he can be the team’s QB.

His numbers have been pretty good in his career and he’s been one of those guys that makes you want to be a fan of him.

But his play hasn’t been great and he might not be a great fit for this Cardinals team.7.

They need more help on the offensive line.

The Cardinals ranked 22nd in the league in rushing yards last year.

The unit was terrible at the end of the year.

This team isn’t built for a run game, and the only thing keeping them from being a top 20 offense is a lot-needed help up the middle.8.

They suck.

It was just another season where they had to replace an offensive lineman.

And while I don.t think they should be in the playoffs right now, they could use some help up there and that’s where you find your best player.

They didn’t make the playoffs last year and their offense was a mess.

I think they’ll get a chance to play better this year and make the postseason.9.

They still have an awful lot of work to accomplish.

They got off to a great start to the season but then the defense started to struggle.

This has been a pretty disappointing start to a season for them.

They weren’t the best team in football last year but they have a good defensive line, good receivers, and a very solid offensive line that has some good pieces in it.

So I don:t think this team is finished.10.

They should have a decent quarterback.

They may not have the best QB in the game, but Palmer is very, very good.

If he can continue to improve, I think the Cardinals could be pretty good.11.

They can win in this league.

They will win in the Super Bowl, and if you can’t win in that game, you probably shouldn’t be playing in the Pro Bowl.

They just might need to find a way to get to the Superbowl.12.

They get a ton of money from the stadium.

I hate to be so harsh, but Arizona fans don’t like to be paid so much that they’ll start making a living out of selling

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