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A necklace length chart is a great way to determine how long to spend on a necklace if you are planning on wearing it more than once, especially if you want a certain necklace length.

The chart below shows the perfect length of a necklace for the purposes of buying and selling.

How to Get a Necklaces Necklacing Length ChartA necklace length is an estimate of the amount of jewelry that should be worn on your neck, not necessarily the amount that should actually be worn.

For example, a necklace that is only two inches in length, but can be worn one inch shorter than the ideal length, is still a necklace length for that necklace.

If you are buying jewelry for the necklace, it is a good idea to get a length chart for the exact length of the necklace you are considering purchasing.

In the chart below, the size of the gemstones is indicated in parentheses.

Length is the length of each gemstone, while width is the width of each diamond, etc. The width of a diamond is usually measured in millimeters.

A necklace that has the wrong size or the wrong color is also a bad idea.

What to Do with Necklace Length ChartHead over to the jewelry website where you purchased the necklace and see how long it should be. 

This is a general rule to follow.

It is always best to buy a necklace longer than the length that the necklace is currently worn.

If you bought a necklace and it is currently wearing more than two inches long, it might be time to go back to your local jeweler.

You can also find a necklaces length chart online on the jewelry store where you bought it.

The length chart may not be perfect, but it should give you a good indication of how long the necklace should be for a specific purchase. 

Do you have any questions about necklacing?

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