How to find the best free agent quarterback for 2017

The New York Jets are trying to make some moves this offseason.

They signed quarterback Geno Smith, and they’re reportedly going to look at a wide variety of quarterbacks in free agency.

But the biggest question for this Jets team is whether they’re willing to give up a second-round pick for Smith.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the team will reportedly “purchase” a quarterback who’s available for a minimum of $4 million per year.

The Jets reportedly made a big push for Smith in free agent moves this summer, including acquiring him with a fourth-round draft pick.

Schefter adds that the Jets have “a history” of bringing in top quarterbacks, including Josh McCown and Brock Osweiler.

Schefters report that the plan is to “sign a quarterback that can make a splash in free Agency or the draft” and that Smith is the most likely candidate.

Schecter’s sources say that the first draft pick in the deal would be “at least a first-rounder,” so that’s a bit of a stretch.

Schengs is right that the draft pick isn’t going to be a top-10 pick in this deal.

If the Jets want to get a player like Smith to be an impact quarterback, they will need to get that player to sign with a team.

But Smith is a proven franchise quarterback who should be able to fill that role for the Jets.

The NFL draft is going to happen in two years, and Smith will be eligible to become a free agent in 2021.

The franchise quarterback position has been an area of contention for many teams this offseason, with teams like the Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, and Saints all reportedly pursuing Smith.

Schets reports that “the Jets are not expected to re-sign Smith before 2021,” and that they could “wait out the window for free agency or draft in 2021 to try and land Smith.”

So if the Jets can’t get Smith this year, there’s a chance they could be open to trading him for a draft pick next year.

Schenter notes that “Smith is one of the best in the NFL in terms of pocket passer accuracy” and says that “he is a good fit for New York.”

There’s no way of knowing how good Smith is, but if he can be a good passer for New Jersey, it’s possible that the organization could look to trade him this offseason and re-assign him.

This article was written by Zach Barth, who covers the NFL for ESPN.

You can follow him on Twitter at @zachbarth.

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