10 things you don’t know about my chart

I’m a chart geek.

I’m an editor at the New York Times, and I love my charts.

But I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

I love the medium of charts, and so I was delighted when, in 2013, I joined the editorial staff of the influential New York magazine.

Since then, I’ve written, edited, and illustrated books, published dozens of blog posts, and helped run a website called Chart.ly, which hosts thousands of charts from around the world.

My chart-making skills have come in handy.

So, when I received an invitation to join The New Yorker’s new “Chart.ly” magazine, I jumped at the chance.

The magazine is a new, ambitious publication that aims to be the go-to place for journalists looking to publish their work, with an emphasis on innovation.

So I had no idea what to expect. 

What’s new in The New York Magazine’s new chart magazine? 

I’ll be sharing the contents of this article in the next few days, but here are some of the key points:1.

The new chart journal, The New Yorker Chart.LY, will be published online every Tuesday. 


It will feature a monthly list of charts for the week, which is now in place, along with a weekly section called “Best of the Week.” 


A weekly newsletter called “Trending Chart,” will be released each Tuesday.


The first issue of the magazine will be dedicated to charts.

The next issue will be devoted to trends. 


There will be a section devoted to charts and trends.

How will I get my copy of the new chart mag? 

There is no purchase required.

The New York Mag is a digital publication.

You can download it for free from the NYMag.com or the NYMagazine.com app for iOS or Android.

You must have a subscription.

If you are a digital subscriber, you will need to be signed up to the New Yorker magazine. 

How do I find out about The New Magazine’s chart magazine and The New Magazine’s blog? 

You can subscribe to the New Yorker blog at  NYmagblog.com, or you can follow the blog on Twitter at  @NYmagblogs. 

Do I need a subscription to follow The New Mag? 


To follow The Magazine, follow the blog or the social media account. 

Is The New New Magazine supposed to be new? 


As you might have heard, The New magazine is based in New York City, where the magazine was founded in 2013.

But The New mag will be published in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. 

Where can I buy The Newmag? 

The magazine will debut on the New Magazine app, the New Yorker blog, and the social media app.

Where can the new New Mag chart magazine be found? Check out the brand new New Magazine homepage. 

Does The NewMag. 

mag exist in a book? 


The NewMagazine. 

is available as a Kindle ebook (free). 

Is the NewMagazine comparable to The Wall Street Journal’s NewMag? 

It’s not quite. 

I did a little research and found that The Wall Street Review is published in the same location as The Magazine. 

However, the mag is also available in the  NewMag app. 

Why isn’t The WallStreetJournal.com the same thing? 

They are both applicable to digital readers. 

But The WallStJournal. 

and TheNewMag.mag are available to print readers.

What do you mean, print readers? 

We have a print edition of The NewNewMagazine.

It’s available in the US and Canada. 

Can I download the app for my mobile device? 


You will need an internet connection. 

And you will also need to download the mobile app.

What is the NewMag blog about? 

Basically, TheNewMag is about the best charts and charts news, culture, and commentary. 

Who is the editor and publisher of TheNewMagazine? 

In order to stay on top of the best content, the magazine’s editorial staff is comprised of me, the editor-in-chief, and my co-editor-in, Matt Visser. 

In addition to Matt and I, we have a lot of other writers and artists, who contribute to the magazine, too. 

When can I expect the magazine to be released? 

September, October, and November. 

It will be available for purchase on The New Manhattan Magazine website, as well as in the app and on Facebook and Twitter. 

If I want to keep up with the news on TheNewNewMagazine, I will need a

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