‘If you want to be a successful business owner, you have to change your diet’: How to build a successful weight loss plan

Obesity is the leading cause of premature death in Britain, and its impact on the health of people of all ages is now so severe that many are turning to a diet that has little to no nutritional value.

The government has pledged to tackle the problem, but it has faced opposition from business owners, who say it’s unrealistic to expect them to change their lifestyle if they do not have the financial means to do so.

A new report by the Business Obesity Alliance is the latest in a series of reports from industry bodies, charities and government bodies, and it outlines what the average person should eat to prevent a five-fold increase in their body mass index (BMI) from the current level of 18.5.

It says that by 2020, the government will have to reduce the average British body weight by more than half to reach a target of around 5kg, which would mean an average person would lose about 30kg.

But the report warns that the target will not be achieved unless businesses and people take the necessary actions to reduce their obesity, and reduce the amount of food they are eating.

There are many factors that contribute to the rise in obesity in Britain. 

In the first quarter of the year, the number of adults and children aged under 30 who were obese fell from 3.5% to 2.7%.

The government estimates that up to 80% of the obesity epidemic is caused by factors such as unhealthy food and poor nutrition.

But it is also clear that there is a disconnect between the number and quality of the advice being provided to businesses, and the amount they are providing.

The report warns businesses should avoid providing advice that “seems like it’s going to help”, which it says is “not appropriate advice”.

“This means you should look at advice that may be helpful but it’s not,” said Katherine Kelly, the president of the Business and Health Action Group, which represents the business owners in the UK.

“You should be focusing on the people who are really at risk and you should be providing them with the advice they need to make decisions about their weight, their activity, and their health.”

The BHA is calling for the government to introduce a national strategy for obesity and health, which it hopes will make it more feasible to tackle it.

“The message we want to get across is that we need to get the numbers down,” said Kelly.

“We want to make sure that businesses are doing their bit to help.

We want to see that the public is fed up with the NHS being unable to get people to the gym.”

Kelly said businesses were “not making the best of the situation” by not providing the right advice.

“It’s like a recipe for disaster, and we’ve seen that in many countries,” she said.

“If you go and look at what we do in the private sector, and you see that they’re making the most of the opportunity to get rid of their obesity problem, why can’t they make the same thing happen for their health and wellbeing?”

The government will publish its plans for obesity later this year. 

The report also urges government to adopt policies to encourage the use of healthy food and to increase the availability of fruit and vegetables.

“Businesses should consider using their marketing budget to offer more nutritious and healthy food to their customers,” said Dr Sarah O’Donoghue, from the Institute of Food and Drink.

“As a society, we should be eating more fruit and more vegetables, and eating more healthy food.”

The report was produced by the BHA, the Society for Business and Healthcare Statistics, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and Food Standards Agency.

It was commissioned by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, a charity that is based in Bristol.

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