Why the Koch brothers are a threat to America

Charles and David Koch have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat Obamacare, but now the conservative billionaires are pushing to expand their network of think tanks, which they’ve helped fund and control for years.

It’s a dangerous time for the country.

The Koch brothers’ network of organizations, known as the “dark money” movement, has spent nearly $1 billion on ads opposing President Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

It has used its vast resources to target Democrats and President Donald Trump.

The brothers are backing conservative candidates and candidates across the country, including the Republican Party in 2018 and the Democratic Party in 2020.

Koch Industries, the company that produces Koch Industries products, is one of the largest donors to the Republican National Committee and a key player in conservative media.

They are also big supporters of the Koch network’s political efforts.

The billionaire brothers, who live in Wichita, Kansas, have long been associated with the conservative movement, but have become a powerful force in the United States.

Their network of conservative think tanks has grown from a small group of researchers to a sprawling operation that now includes more than 100,000 employees.

Koch has spent millions of tax-exempt dollars on ads attacking Democrats and candidates, including those running in Senate and House races across the U.S. The network is supported by Koch Industries and other conservative billionaires, as well as major conservative media outlets, like Breitbart and the Wall Street Journal.

Many of the think tanks have received millions in grants from the Kochs.

The group has also become one of Koch Industries’ most prominent lobbying organizations, raising more than $1.3 billion in the 2016 election cycle.

Koch, who owns more than 50 percent of Kochs parent company, Koch Industries Corp., also owns The Heritage Foundation, a think tank that has received tens of millions in federal funding over the past decade.

In its recent report on dark money, the Heritage Foundation noted that “the Kochs are spending an average of $15 million a year on direct advocacy, while the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) spends $7 million annually.”

The Kochs have also helped fund a number of think tank and political groups that promote conservative policy.

They have given $9.5 million to the Heritage think tank, and another $4 million to Americans for Prosperity, a conservative advocacy group.

Heritage has also received millions from the Cato Institute, which is a Koch-funded think tank.

Both think tanks promote the idea of an “economic safety net” that could help people if the economy starts to deteriorate.

They also say the United Kingdom is “living through an unprecedented economic crisis” because of the government’s austerity programs.

The Heritage Institute is also one of several conservative think tank groups that have helped fund the American Enterprise Institute, a right-wing think tank focused on promoting free trade and promoting fiscal conservatism.

The American Enterprise is one major arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation and its flagship think tank the Cato Institution.

The organization has been criticized by the left for supporting the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid under President George W. Bush.

The Cato Institute has also been criticized for being “unethical” in its funding of conservative media and conservative thinktanks.

Both organizations have been criticized in recent years for their funding of anti-Muslim groups.

Koch’s network of nonprofits has also taken aim at Democratic candidates in many states, including North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The groups have spent millions attacking Democratic senators and governors.

They’ve also spent millions on ads criticizing Democratic candidates, and also on attacking Democratic candidates and their allies.

“The Koch brothers and their ideological allies are using dark money to advance a conservative agenda,” said Jonathan Cohn, director of research at the Center for American Progress.

“They have spent money to make sure the Republicans get more control of the federal government, which will make them the dominant force in Washington, D.C., the president and Congress.

This is a dangerous trend that we need to stop.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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