How to get the best news bias chart from Fortune

Business Insider/Getty ImagesThe odds of you being hit by a car is one in 20,000.

But according to an astrology chart, there’s a very good chance you’ll die from one.

And that’s not just because the odds of dying from one of the six deadly diseases vary wildly, but because you might have been hit by an accident that killed the person you were about to meet.

The astrology data comes from a new chart produced by Fortune, which uses astrology to explain how news bias works.

The chart breaks down the odds that a person you’re talking to will have an illness.

The data comes in a number of ways:If you have a cold, it’s very high, which means you’re more likely to be hospitalized.

If you have diabetes, you’re a much higher risk, which makes you more likely have an insulin reaction.

If your insurance company is charging you a premium for the same surgery you’re undergoing, that may explain why.

The numbers are broken down by age, gender, and race, and there’s even an interactive chart that lets you see how the odds are distributed among different groups.

For instance, if you’re older, you are less likely to die from a cold.

If that happens to you more than 10 times in your lifetime, your odds are probably even higher.

The infographic also uses a chart that tells you how the chances of you dying from diabetes vary by race.

For those who live in rural areas, the odds seem even more extreme than those who do in cities.

But even if you live in a state that doesn’t have an astrological chart, you can get a good idea of the odds based on the data you see.

Here’s the chart that Fortune uses:There’s a chance that you’ll be hit by car.

There’s a 1 in 20 chance that your car will hit a building, and that’s about 2.5 times the chance of being killed by an automobile.

But if you have an allergy to air, you may not be at all.

You may be able to take a short walk around the block, or get a taxi.

The astrologie chart also shows that a high blood pressure is the most likely to cause you to die of an auto accident.

And it shows that you’re about as likely to get a heart attack as you are to get an asthma attack.

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