How the Australian Taxation Office is helping people with tax issues get their affairs in order

Updated April 18, 2018 12:14:18The Tax Office has helped people in the past to make their affairs more orderly, with the help of a computer-generated document that they could then use to make payments to their local council.

In 2017, the Tax Office was tasked with assisting people with their tax matters and the use of their personal data.

The Tax Commissioner has been working on a tax planning guide for several years and a new version of the document has been rolled out to the public.

TODAY’s Anna Fauci reports The document, called the Tax Planner, allows users to create and upload their own documents and then upload the resulting files to a computer, which is then used to make financial payments to the relevant tax authorities.

The Tax Planter is a tool that can be used to help people understand how the Tax Department is helping them navigate their tax affairs.

“This tool helps people understand what is happening and the options available to them,” the Tax Commissioner said.

It also helps to provide them with the information they need to make tax-related payments, including details of where their tax payments are being made, the amounts they will receive and the tax-filing forms they will need to fill out.

Taxpayers will need a computer to make the payments.

They can also use the Taxplanner to upload and print their own tax documents.

Taxpayers are able to upload a copy of their tax documents to the Taxpayer Portal, which will be shared with the Tax Services Branch.

“The portal will provide the taxpayer with information about all the information contained in their tax return including their tax status, the amount of tax that is due, the type of tax return they will be filing and the amount and type of filing they will have to complete,” the Government said.

The portal is accessible by using a mobile phone app or computer.

The tax planter also allows people to make individual payments using their personal computer or mobile phone.

Taxpayer payments can be made using credit card or debit card, with payments processed by the Tax Service Branch, which oversees the taxation of taxpayers.

Payments can also be made through the Tax Payment System, which processes individual tax payments and can also take the form of a bank transfer.

For more information, go to the taxplanner.com website or call 1300 1300.

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