How many rookies are on the New York Jets’ roster?

The New York Giants have drafted several players in the first round and in the second, but that has not led to a noticeable improvement in the fortunes of rookie quarterbacks.

On Wednesday, the team announced that it had not drafted a quarterback since the 2016 NFL draft.

The 2017 rookie class is the second to not be named as the Giants have yet to name a starter for the franchise.

They were the only team to not name a quarterback in the last decade.

The Giants have been on a losing streak that has left them with the worst record in the NFL.

The team is ranked 27th in the league at 0-12, and they are currently the only undefeated team in the AFC.

They have won just three games all year, and were 0-5 against the AFC North and AFC South in 2016.

The New York Times has released a new rookie depth chart that shows how the Giants’ quarterback situation has played out.

Here is the depth chart from the 2017 NFL Draft:QB1 Dak Prescott2 Connor Cook3 Derek Carr4 Jacoby Brissett5 Matt McGloin6 Christian Hackenberg7 Sam Darnold8 Mitch Trubisky9 Jacoby Seubert10 Jack Conklin11 Matt McGrae12 Connor Cook13 Austin Seferian-Jenkins14 Max Garcia15 Jacoby Peppers16 Connor Cook17 Jake Browning18 Josh Allen19 Jake Locker20 Luke Joeckel21 Connor Cook22 Jack Conner23 Connor Cook24 Dylan Thompson25 Jacoby Watson26 Connor Cook27 Sam Dickson28 Sam D’Amato29 Matt McGowan30 Bryce Petty31 Marcus Mariota32 Connor Cook33 Carson Wentz34 Jacoby Guice35 Tyler Bray36 Jack Conte37 Connor Cook38 Connor Cook39 Marcus Mariama40 Jake Larkin41 Nick Novak42 Tyler Bray43 Matt McGhee44 Zach Mettenberger45 Ryan Nassib46 Tyler Bray47 Sam Davenport48 Jordan Staubach49 Ryan Nassivier50 Jack Conley51 Jacoby Shumpert52 Cody Kessler53 Jake Lyle54 Jordan Staal55 Matt McGough56 Jacoby Elway57 Jake Loeffler58 Connor Cook59 Tyler Bray60 Jacoby Bostic61 Sam Darragut62 Tyler Bray63 Connor Cook64 Nick Novaks65 Connor Cook66 Connor Cook67 Jake Lacey68 Sam Daugherty69 Connor Cook70 Connor Cook71 Jake Larkham72 Connor Cook73 Connor Cook74 Connor Cook75 Connor Cook76 Connor Cook77 Connor Cook78 Connor Cook79 Connor Cook80 Connor Cook81 Connor Cook82 Connor Cook83 Connor Cook84 Connor Cook85 Connor Cook86 Connor Cook87 Connor Cook88 Connor Cook89 Connor Cook90 Connor Cook91 Connor Cook92 Connor Cook93 Connor Cook94 Connor Cook95 Connor Cook96 Connor Cook97 Connor Cook98 Connor Cook99 Connor Cook100 Connor Cook101 Connor Cook102 Connor Cook103 Connor Cook104 Connor Cook105 Connor Cook106 Connor Cook107 Connor Cook108 Connor Cook109 Connor Cook110 Connor Cook111 Connor Cook112 Connor Cook113 Connor Cook114 Connor Cook115 Connor Cook116 Connor Cook117 Connor Cook118 Connor Cook119 Connor Cook120 Connor Cook121 Connor Cook122 Connor Cook123 Connor Cook124 Connor Cook125 Connor Cook126 Connor Cook127 Connor Cook128 Connor Cook129 Connor Cook130 Connor Cook131 Connor Cook132 Connor Cook133 Connor Cook134 Connor Cook135 Connor Cook136 Connor Cook137 Connor Cook138 Connor Cook139 Connor Cook140 Connor Cook141 Connor Cook142 Connor Cook143 Connor Cook144 Connor Cook145 Connor Cook146 Connor Cook147 Connor Cook148 Connor Cook149 Connor Cook150 Connor Cook151 Connor Cook152 Connor Cook153 Connor Cook154 Connor Cook155 Connor Cook156 Connor Cook157 Connor Cook158 Connor Cook159 Connor Cook160 Connor Cook161 Connor Cook162 Connor Cook163 Connor Cook164 Connor Cook165 Connor Cook166 Connor Cook167 Connor Cook168 Connor Cook169 Connor Cook170 Connor Cook171 Connor Cook172 Connor Cook173 Connor Cook174 Connor Cook175 Connor Cook176 Connor Cook177 Connor Cook178 Connor Cook179 Connor Cook180 Connor Cook181 Connor Cook182 Connor Cook183 Connor Cook184 Connor Cook185 Connor Cook186 Connor Cook187 Connor Cook188 Connor Cook189 Connor Cook190 Connor Cook191 Connor Cook192 Connor Cook193 Connor Cook194 Connor Cook195 Connor Cook196 Connor Cook197 Connor Cook198 Connor Cook199 Connor Cook200 Connor Cook201 Connor Cook202 Connor Cook203 Connor Cook204 Connor Cook205 Connor Cook206 Connor Cook207 Connor Cook208 Connor Cook209 Connor Cook210 Connor Cook211 Connor Cook212 Connor Cook213 Connor Cook214 Connor Cook215 Connor Cook216 Connor Cook217 Connor Cook218 Connor Cook219 Connor Cook220 Connor Cook221 Connor Cook222 Connor Cook223 Connor Cook224 Connor Cook225 Connor Cook226 Connor Cook227 Connor Cook228 Connor Cook229 Connor Cook230 Connor Cook231 Connor Cook232 Connor Cook233 Connor Cook234 Connor Cook235 Connor Cook236 Connor Cook237 Connor Cook238 Connor

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